Academic Research

Academic Research

The R&D centre would encourage undergraduate students, post graduate students, research scholars and faculties to pursue research in their area of interest and participate in undergoing research activities @MSEC. The R&D cell would support the department, students and faculties through research grants as well will provide required infrastructure to carry out academic research. The outcome of the research carried out will lead to publications, patents and product development.

The academic research are classified into the following major categories:

Undergraduate/Postgraduate Research Program (URP)

Because independent research and creative work represent new kinds of challenges for many students, research staff will pay special attention in helping interested students in identifying the topics of research. The R&D centre will help students understand the process of refining their interests into more focused project topics, and will emphasize the role that immersion in an academic research in developing their scholarly pursuits. Faculties pursuing research or PG program will be identified, and their area of work will be displayed for the students to choose. The URP matches students with faculty mentors and provide them with required training, infrastructure, nominal funds and technical resources. As part of our effort to improve student research experiences, we ask that supported students complete an evaluation. Reviewers examine the results of these evaluations closely. Interested students need to submit an application indicating there area of interest.

Funded Research Program (FRP)

This program is open for faculties and post graduate students to pursue their PhD and masters project respectively. R&D cell would strive to execute research projects in the core are of interests in collaboration with various agencies and institutions. The list of projects and requirements will be displayed on the notice board every year for the students to choose. Based on the interests the principal investigator would select research staff/research associates to work on the undergoing projects. The selected staff will be supported both financially as well technically in pursuing the research work. Publications and patent filling will be mandatory in this program. Interested members can discuss with the DEAN and submit their profile for selection process.

Research projects will be funded through three different grant schemes:

  • Funded research grants
  • R&D centre grants