Vision & Mission


R & D centre at MSEC shall blossom into a nodal centre of national importance with global network


R & D centre at MSEC shall strive to be known for its

  • Applied research catering to the societal and technological needs of mankind
  • State of the art infrastructure supporting young scholars in research and development activities
  • Contributions towards renewable energy, medical products, automotive and autonomous vehicles, nano/MEMS, sensor networks and software computing


  • To create state of the art research lab facility for young engineers to carry out research in interdisciplinary domains of electronics, mechanical and software engineering
  • To pursue research and development in core research areas of medical engineering, wireless communication, renewable energy, automotive and software enterprise
  • To establish collaboration with national and international universities, research organizations and funding agencies to develop technology for commercial and defense applications

Short term goals (August 2013 - July 2016)

  • To set up R & D lab facility for VLSI Design, DSIP, Embedded Systems and Software Engineering
  • To apply and work on funded research projects sponsored by AICTE, VTU, DST, ISRO and DRDO and other funding agencies
  • To encourage faculties and students to carry out research at the undergraduate level, post graduate level and research leading to PhD
  • To improve number of publications, quality of projects and file patents
  • To provide solutions for project students, organize national level conference, seminar and workshops for students, staff

Long term goals (2016 - 2020)

  • Establish centre for excellence in NANO/MEMS technology supporting R & D activities and product development
  • Establish collaboration with national/international universities for R&D activities in niche areas of biomedical and defense sectors


No. of M.Tech courses335 (Avionics,Nanotech.)55
No. of Faculties (PhD)10(9)12141820
Research projects4 (4)
PhD Students8(7)
International Conference-1-1-
No. of Publications1225354545
No. Patents